MAPCO PASTE (10-50-20)

MAPCO PASTE (10-50-20)

A special fertilizer contains a very high percentage of Phosphorus with Nitrogen & Potassium. It's ideal to meet the nutritional needs of plants especially at the early stages to strengthen the roots development and to increase flowering.Very useful in varieties requiring high quantities of phosphorous or for cultivation set in moist soils or with a high content in calcium and iron.


Roses and Ornamentals: 2 - 3 Ltr/ha

Field Crops: 3 - 4 Ltr/ha

Vegetables: 2 - 3 Ltr/ha

Fruit Trees: 3 - 4 Ltr/ha

Other Crops: 3 - 4 Ltr/ha

                                                          Packing available: 1, 5, 20 Kg

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