Ultra Humic acid is highly soluble in water. This is Humic and Fulvic acid based product. It's manufactured by extracting the product from Leornardite. It is used in soil treatment to increase the efficiency of fertilizers which exist in the soil, especially nitrogen and phosphorus based fertilizers. It improves the nutrients uptake and water hold capacity of the plants. It increases the fertility & improve the soil structure. it can be used for both soil and foliar applications & its application rate is different for soil and foliar.


Vegetables: 10 - 15 Ltr/ha

Ornamentals: 15 - 20 Ltr/ha

Fruit Trees & Vines: 15 - 30 Ltr/ha

Open Field & Crops: 5 - 10 Ltr/ha

Packing available: 1, 5, 20 Liter.