Research & Development

We are committed to innovation and keeping ahead of the curve, with products and services that draw on the newest research and latest advances. We want to make sure our customers trust in us remains solid and that our brands remain synonymous with quality and consumer confidence. For this purpose MAPCO has an independent R & D team of highly professionals and experienced persons in agricultural field to find out the solution of different problems in usage of fertilizers for different kinds of plants & crops depending upon the nature of soil, weather and climate conditions.

The main aims and objectives of our R & D department are:

• To know the effect of NPK fertilizer on crop growth.

• To compare the crops fertilized with NPK with those not fertilized.

• To know the optimum quantity of fertilizer needed for effective growth of crops.

• To know the best combination of NPK fertilizer required for a healthy growth of crops.

The purpose of this research is to educate the farmers on the best combination and quantity of the NPK fertilizer to be used so as to achieved increase in their agricultural output and at the same time avoid over application of these fertilizers to minimize the cost.